About Public Provident Fund (ppf)

Public Provident Fund

It is long term investment which provides safety for invested money and with attractive interest rate. This ppf also having tax deduction .

Minimum 500 rupees and maximum one lakh fifty thousand per annum we can invest , that can be opened with 100 rupees . We Can invest the amount in 12 installments .

Public Provident Fund


  • Long term investment .
  • Tax deduction under section 80c.
  • Can get loan from 3rd to 6th year onwards.
  • Partial withdrawal from 7th year onwards .
  • Flexible, that we can alternate the investing amount as per our wish.
  • Interest of financial year will included in the next year’s investing capital amount .

The interest rate will be alter . While writing this article the interest rate is 8.0 per cent . Once we invest the amount we cannot withdraw it before 15 years but the partial amount can be withdraw from 7th year.

We can open ppf account in all the nationally authorized bank and post offices. Now ppf account can be open through online also . We can transfer the amount from any other bank branches to post office and vice-versa. One person can open only one account. The interest rate same in all the banks and post offices