Bitcoin Dump may happen anytime after Mt.Gox issues Bitcoin to their users

Bitcoin dump

The so-called digital Gold Bitcoin may dump anytime after the Mt Gox distributes its Bitcoin from its Wallet to its customers. Mt Gox is one of the popular Bitcoin exchange and it got hacked 5 years ago.

After the case in the court, Mt Gox admitted distributing the pending Bitcoin to their users. So users who own Bitcoin those time will see a surprise money in the wallet soon. But according to experts, when these customers get their Bitcoin back, it will be dumped immediately in the market.

Bitcoin dump

The actual price of the Bitcoin was less than $100 in 2013 and now it is more than $6000 which is a huge return for all those early investors. So without any doubt, 1,20,000+ Bitcoins will be dumped once these people get their Bitcoin in their wallet.

It is expected to be distributed by the end of 2018. Some sources claim it will be distributed in late September or early October. So this is going to be another blood both soon to the current Crypto investors. So it is requested to do safe trading for the next few weeks.