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Investment Giants BlackRock-KKR Sign Multi-Billion Agreement with ADNOC

Finance Market Majors KKR & BlackRock signed a whopping $4 billion contract agreement with Petroleum conglomerates, Abu Dhabi’s National Oil Company (ADNOC) to emerge as the first institutional investors joining hands with a national oil supplier in the Middle East on Sunday, the 24th. The contract describes a milestone collaboration in mid-stream pipeline construction development for Abu Dhabi’s National Oil Company.

It’s also the advanced step in its area to significantly increase revenue sources and bring private funds and more sales management into the corporation. The deal forms a new body called AD-NOC Oil Pipelines, which will help lease ADNOC’s investment in more than eighteen pipelines, transportation of quality crude oil and deport it across ADNOC’s offshore and onshore concessions, for 23 years as mentioned by the company’s press briefing released this Sunday.

ADNOC will maintain a 60-percent majority share, with BlackRock and KKR collectively holding a 40-percent stake in the venture, the company said. BlackRock CEO Larry Fink mentioned that he saw the enterprise as Abu Dhabi’s drive to pull in further foreign capital in the coming years and test its potential in global financial markets.

Abu Dhabi wanted to play in the global share market and it was not the Oil Companies pushing them. If anything, they were already there in terms of what type of transparency is essential to attract global investors. NBC’s Hadley Gamble said on Sunday that for a transaction like this, it came pretty swiftly, indicating that the ADNOC Deal was the potential entry of a leading venture capital investment in the oil and petroleum sector.